Announcing Confero COMPASS and Log In Method Changes for Clients

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Oct 30, 2008 by Paul Jacobi

With the re-launch of the Confero website , clients will now log in by visiting and then click on “Client Log In”. The look and feel of our client reporting site has changed as well. However, the reporting functionality within the site remains the same. We believe this enhancement will make it easier for clients to locate their log in information. The new look and feel is easier to navigate and should be easier for our clients and their managers to navigate.

Our reporting web has been renamed “COMPASS”. We believe this name more accurately describes the various program information we are gathering for our clients. Far more than mystery shop reporting, the COMPASS site aggregates customer satisfaction research, web surveys and IVR , auditing reports and more. Add into the mix our new Manager Action Plan (MAP) feature and it’s easy to see why COMPASS was the name that fit!

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