Can YouTube “Haul Videos” Replace Customer Experience Research?

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Aug 23, 2010 by Confero Inc.

YouTube “haul videos” are powerful , as evidenced by the recent success of the Blair and Elle Fowler video , featuring two sisters who talk about a Forever 21 watch.  These videos produced over 75 million views, plus a big increase in sales for the product.   The online evaluations are especially influential for the younger demographic, who receive most product recommendations via social media these days. As far reaching as these testimonials are, are they enough to communicate all that you desire about your brand?

The answer is no.  While videos can direct positive attention to your merchandise and even strong recommendations to buy, the comments may not always deliver a consistent brand message.  They may even convey untrue facts about the brand’s pricing or features. To ensure communication of consistent company and brand information, it’s important to use customer experience research in tandem with tools such as YouTube hauls.

Better yet, take what you learned through listening to the voice of the customer via haul videos.  Gather key points and apply them to company sales processes, then measure how well employees follow the sales process through a mystery shopping program.  You may also want to consider customer satisfaction surveys, where you can determine the areas where you would like to receive feedback.  Surveys can add to the picture by giving you the ability to gain feedback from many customers about the same areas.

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