Confero Learns of Scam - Peter Progress

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Jun 22, 2018 by Confero Inc.

Confero learned about a scam regarding Peter Progress,  who claims to work for Confero.  We have no employee named Peter Progress.  The fraudster mentions survey tasks and wants the recipient to verify personal details. Please do not fall for this scam!

The person falsely claims to be associated with Confero and attempts to recruit secret shoppers through emails or a hacked LinkedIn account.   The scam asks for the person to reply by email in regard to survey opportunities. Once contact information is provided, the fraudster sends checks via UPS, asking for the recipient to cash the fake checks. Please do not fall for this scam!

Here is an example of the fake email:

We are a reputable organization conducting business evaluation for most organisation and we have a business survey job for you which entails you getting the below details for us by evaluating some specific grocery stores, companies and up coming local banks at your location. The hours are flexible as you will have to carryout the assignment at your convenience.

There has been series of complain from customers that the staffs of some stores are not effective and have no manner of approach to customers. So we want you to go and verify if the complaint are reliable and authentic. The below details will help you to confirm the authenticity of the complains.

1) How long it take you to get services?
2) Ambiance/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet?
3) Smartness of the attendant?
4) Customer service professionalism?
5) Reaction of staffs under pressure?
6) Information that you think would be helpful?
7) what's your comments/elixir solution?
You can reconfirm your details for proper registration:
* First/Last Name:
* Physical Address:
* Zip Code:  
* City:
* State:  
* Home/Cell Phone:
* Alternative email:


Your pay is $350 for each survey evaluation and All Other Instructions will be send out to you via email/phone as soon as Evaluation commences.

 Make sure you lookout for our email daily to get any update on when to start your evaluation survey and your prompt response to any email sent to you shows the ability of a good surveyor.


Peter Progress
Confero Company, Inc.
Survey Evaluation®

Please do not contact Peter Progress  as this person is trying to scam people.  These scams almost always result in consumers becoming duped into a fake check scam. In fake check scams, shoppers are sent checks to deposit, and then told to wire most of the funds elsewhere and keep the difference. Ultimately, the check the scammer sent the shopper turns out to be worthless and the shopper is on the hook to cover the entire check with the bank. Some of the checks look quite real - so real in fact that bank tellers see them all the time. BE CAREFUL! 

Please be aware: 

1.    Emails from Confero employees will come from (This one came from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).)

2.    Confero NEVER issues checks to shoppers for any reason. Our payments to shoppers are sent via PayPal or Direct Deposit.  Payments are issued after successful completion of the mystery shop.

3.   $350 pay for a mystery shopping assignment is rare. 


We thank the person who brought this to our attention, so that we were able to warn others of this scam.


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