Confero Warns about Fake Email, Fake Schedulers Amelie Armstead Miyuki Jefferson

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Sep 08, 2014 by Confero Inc.

An email address at has been spoofed by an outsider who is sending email messages out with the subject "Job Opportunity Opens". The message appears to have been sent from info@ our domain address. This message was not sent by Confero and was not authorized by Confero to be sent on its behalf. If there is a link in the email message, please do not click on it. Confero posts jobs on it's mystery shopping job board to those who have submitted a profile for consideration for mystery shopping. Mystery shoppers are notified of mystery shopping projects when they become available. The subject "Job Opprtunity Opens" is never used. A recipient of this spoofed email message kindly sent us a copy of the contents and the purpose. 

Here is the message, which tries to entice people into the Fake Check scam, using the Fake scheduler names Amelie Armstead and Miyuki Jefferson. Please do not fall for their scam! 

Dear applicant, first task is explained below

We have contracts now with Walmart, Rite Aid and USPS Inc. to run surveys on few of their locations, in your area.

Your Evaluation at the USPS/Walmart or Riteaid location would be:

 1) To send funds with USPS service to another evaluation agent or simply use MoneyGram sending service

(we will provide you with the needed funds; you will never use your own money).

 2) Record the time you spend at the location, using the service we specify.

 3) You must provide the name of the cashier that attended to you.

 4) Make a simple report about your personal impressions as an average customer.

To complete the surveys, we will send you the money to cover your $300 commission for your first task and another $50 to be used for your transportation and transfer charges.

Upon receiving the funds which is in form of a check, the exact instructions of the survey will be forwarded to you 

and the report must be completed same day you receive the funds.

These companies reported few problems and needs to be evaluated for the following reasons:

- Customers reported their money missing.

- Slow service.

- Unbalanced transfer charge.

- Rudeness to customers.

- Late opening time or closing before time.

You must deposit the check at your bank, same day you receive it, then withdraw from bank and use the amount we specify to COMPLETE THE SURVEY. 

After task is completed, deduct your commission, same day, ---You have a bank account, yes? 

To recap: First 2 assignments will be: buy few USPS money orders and use Next Day shipping, 

or go to any Walmart or RiteAid near you, and use MoneyGram transfer service, we will explain how

If you are ready to start evaluation:

REQUIRED! Confirm that you are ready by replying to this message with "I AM READY AND I HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT" as soon as you get this message. 

(Important! We never ask about your financial information, EVER). Once again, we never ask for any financial information, we don't need it.

REQUIRED! Search and write here when you reply, a nearby address for USPS (postal office) or a Walmart nearby store address or a Rite Aid nearby outlet address.

One location address for any of these companies will suffice. 

You will visit one of these locations, once you get the funds. 

We will verify the address when you respond. It is a simple requirement, please send one address when you reply, to start

Pay attention to details, even when we send you an email asking for locations. 

If you reply now, we send the payment tomorrow morning to your address and in 3-6 days you will have your first assignment

Contacts: Amelie Armstead, Miyuki Jefferson, Confero Inc


  1. The Fake Check scams means the scammer sends you a real looking check to deposit into your bank account. These are the "funds" to use for your shop. Then, the scammers have you wire funds to someone else during your "shop". Eventually, your bank will learn that the check was not real and you will be on the hook to cover those funds. Please don't fall for that!
  2. Confero NEVER sends checks to mystery shoppers. 
  3. The scammers Amelie Armstead and Miyuki Jefferson (if those are even real names), are preying on consumer trust of the Confero name. Confero has been in business for 28 years, has an A+ BBB rating and is a founding member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. 


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