Confero Warns of Thomas Beck - LinkedIn Scam

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Aug 19, 2015 by Confero Inc.

We learned today of a LinkedIn scam regarding someone falsely using the name of Thomas Beck, who claims to work for Confero.  The fraudster’s email was sent through LinkedIn, and he claims to be an employee of Confero. The offer includes a promise of $300 for a secret shopping assignment.   

We have no employee or contractor named THOMAS BECK.   Please do not fall for this scam and please do not send him any of your information.

This person is trying to scam people.  These scams almost always result in consumers becoming duped into a fake check scam   In fake check scams, shoppers are sent checks to deposit, then told to wire most of the funds elsewhere and keep the difference.  Ultimately, the check the scammer sent the shopper turns out to be worthless and the shopper is on the hook to cover the entire check with the bank. Some of the checks look real - so real in fact that bank tellers see them all the time. BE CAREFUL!  


Please note: 

1.       The only jobs posted on LinkedIn for Confero are for positions at our Cary, NC headquarters. Our schedulers do not use LinkedIn to inform people of mystery shopping assignments.

2.       Emails from Confero employees come from, not   

3.       Confero NEVER issues checks to shoppers for any reason. Our payments to shoppers are sent via PayPal or Direct Deposit.  


We thank the person who brought this to our attention, so that we were able to warn others of this scam.  If you would like to read more about scams, please visit our website:


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