Holiday Spending Expected to Increase!

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Oct 26, 2010 by Confero Inc.

People Walking and ShoppingA recent study shows that spending by affluent Americans will grow four percent during the holiday season, but how do you ensure that well-off customers spend more at your store or restaurant?  

One way, as always, is for companies to exceed customer expectations. While the anticipated spending increase is good news, the study also revealed some troubling statistics; of those earning more than $100,000, 40% said that retail service had worsened, and 20% said that product quality has declined. 

Stores and restaurants can take action to address these issues in order to capture more holiday sales. Web surveys are fairly fast to implement and may be used to gain customer opinions on everything from salesperson friendliness and product knowledge, to speed of checkout. Firms can view a summary of survey responses so that management can act on the information quickly. We survey providers offer suggestions and expertise as to survey length, question design, and communication. 

In addition to listening to the voice of the customer, are you listening to employee interactions?  Do you have a good grasp of  how employees throughout your organization interact with customers?  Do they genuinely want to help customers and display an energetic, helpful attitude? Or do they respond in a negative way, similar to what was heard by one of our employees recently at a department store:

Customer:  “Wow, the lines at the other end of the store are very long. There’s no line here at all!”

Cashier:  “I’m not saying anything either; I want to keep it this way. Let them deal with all the customers.”

Whether it is a restaurant server or retail salesperson interaction, the desired outcome is the same: satisfied customers who will return.  To create more satisfied customers, analyze your firm’s customer experience measurement tools.  Consider ways to adjust the program to get ready for the holiday season. And if you’re not currently measuring  customer experience, now is a good time to implement a program, before the holiday rush.

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