IVR Surveys vs Mystery Shops

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Jul 26, 2009 by Elaine Buxton

Interactive Voice Response Interviewing (IVR) and Mystery Shops are both effective ways to measure customer experience quality. When looking at a choice between the two methods or a combination of both, it’s important to consider three key areas:

1. How is the client experience information gathered?
With IVR , customers call an automated system and answer survey questions about their most recent experience. A big advantage is that the company can listen to actual customer comments. With a mystery shop program, shoppers pose as customers and report on their observations. The company benefits by receiving shop information on the exact employee behaviors that they are interested in gathering data about.

2. How many customer responses are collected?
In an IVR , customers dial into a phone survey at their convenience. With this method, firms frequently offer rewards for survey participation, which translates into higher response rates in comparison to other survey methods. With mystery shop programs, there’s no need to worry about response rates. The company determines the number of shops and the frequency, and receives a pre-determined number of completed shops by a specified date on a regular basis.

3. How do the questioning methods in IVR Surveys and Mystery Shops differ?
Each customer responds to the exact same questions phrased in the same way when using the IVR method. This eliminates subjectivity associated with interview bias. With a mystery shop solution, shoppers conduct the shops using company-specific guidelines. These guidelines instruct the mystery shoppers to look for certain behaviors, notice specific conditions or listen for specific words. The mystery shop provider uses quality assurance measures to ensure that mystery shoppers follow the guidelines.

IVR responses will tell you what customers thought. Mystery Shop responses will tell you how the location performed against your standard. Used together, mystery shops and IVR surveys can paint a valuable, detailed picture of customer service delivery.Here’s a quick comparison:

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