Mystery Shopping Call Scenarios for Banks

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Sep 10, 2009 by Elaine Buxton

Considering telephone mystery shopping call scenarios for your bank ? A good starting point is to think about the client interactions that are most critical to the achievement of your bank’s sales and service goals.

For example, if your goal is to become the bank of choice for those relocating into the area, include a phone shop where the shopper calls a branch, tells the employee that he/she is new to the area and is considering several local banks before making a decision. Then measure the interaction based on the employee’s friendliness, knowledge and willingness to “close” the sale.

If your goal is to capture more business from CD “rate-shoppers”, include a measurement to determine if your employees go a step further when providing the client with basic CD information. For example, mystery shoppers listen to see if the employee simply quotes a CD rate or if the employee asks the client additional clarifying questions before quoting a rate. They also listen to see if the employee invites them to come into the branch to open the CD.

You might also be wondering about how well your front- line employees handle complaints via the phone. A scenario to measure success here is for the mystery shopper to voice a complaint, and then listen for the employee to follow steps to resolve the problem effectively. The shopper knows the bank’s specific problem-solving guidelines ahead of time, and listens to see if the employee follows them.

The call scenario possibilities are endless. Using different call scenarios, your bank may customize shop requirements to measure progress toward priority sales and client service objectives.

Of course, all of these scenarios are enhanced by being able to listen to recorded telephone shops. Click
for information about recorded calls.

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