Shop Log Updates!

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May 29, 2015 by Confero Inc.

We are working to streamline and update your shop log! Over the next few months, you might notice a few changes when you log in! We will be adding helpful inks to the top of the page so you can quickly access some frequently asked questions. The Test and Qualification section is being updated to reflect the most recent test and qualifications that are offered. Don't worry if some are gone, it just means they are no longer valid. 

A new qualification has been added to everyone's shop log, General: Self-Assign. This means, if you meet the required criteria for a shop, and the program is set up to allow self-assignment, you will be able to self-assign. This privilege can be removed for those shoppers who do not complete the shop when scheduled or consistently request extensions or reschedules. It is very important to choose a shop date that works for your schedule and review the times of the shop carefully before accepting. We understand that things do come up, and will do our best to accommodate a date extension if it does not overlap with the next shopper's assignment. With our client's satisfaction in mind, we will need to limit the request for date extensions to one request per project per shopper.  

Be on the look out for these changes this summer as well as many other updates that are in the works! 


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