Tips for Getting More Shops: How to Become Our Scheduling Team’s Go-To Shopper in your Area

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Sep 07, 2009 by Confero Inc.

We believe our team of schedulers is one of the best in the business. They work hard every day to find shoppers to fill each shop in order to make sure our projects are completed on time or ahead of schedule! They spend their days sorting through hundreds of emails and calling dozens of shoppers in order to make that happen. The following tips came straight from our scheduling team, see what you can do to become one of their star shoppers!

Tip #1: “My tip for shoppers would be when you sign up to request a shop make sure to check your emails DAILY. When shoppers sign up for a shop and we assign the shop to them an automatic shop assignment confirmation email is sent. However, if shoppers are not checking their email account daily they don’t know they have received the assignment. (This includes making sure these email messages are not going into your Spam or Junk email folders!) As a result the shop doesn’t get completed and we have to take the time to find another shopper. Even if a shopper has not requested a shop, they should check their emails daily! We send out shop postings almost every day and shoppers are missing out on some great opportunities if they aren’t checking their emails!” —Shirley

Tip #2: “My tip for shoppers is to be available. If a scheduler calls and asks for help, try to make it work. The scheduler will remember your favor and pass this information along to other schedulers. If you help a scheduler out on a last minute shop or in a tough to book location, the next time the scheduler sees your name on a shop request with several other shoppers, you will likely be selected as a reward for your past help.”—Cindy

Tip #3: “My tip is that communication with your scheduler is key! If you cannot complete a shop as scheduled please call or email your scheduler as soon as possible to reschedule the shop. We have client deadlines and it is very important that shops are completed as scheduled. We do understand that emergencies come up and are willing to work as a team with you to get these shops completed.”—Robin

Tip #4: “In the scheduling world there are two types of locations, easy and hard. The easy locations are often in cities or larger towns and sometimes one shop can draw up to 30 shopper requests. The harder locations are in smaller towns or in more rural locations. There are usually fewer shoppers available to conduct the shops in these locations. My tip for shoppers would be if a scheduler calls you with a location that is not in your immediate town, try to see if you can make it work. By taking a less popular location the scheduler will mostly post a “Hero” citation on your shop log, which is visible to our other schedulers. So because you picked up that difficult location this time around, next time you will be more likely to chosen from the large pool of interested shoppers at more popular locations. Schedulers will remember your name and that you are dependable!”. —Amy

Getting thousands of shops performed in multiple states with vastly different project dates is a challenge. Communicate effectively with our scheduling team and become one of our go-to shoppers!

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