Tips to Keep Your Mystery Shop Program Fresh

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Jun 14, 2019 by Confero Inc.

  1. Add Excitement:  Keep it exciting and new with performance incentives that motivate teams. With rewards, teams are more likely to have an interest in how they are doing and will want to learn what they need to do to win.   Example: Offer employee recognition and on the spot rewards. Reward the entire team so everyone maintains interest.
  2. Include the Digital Interaction:  For stores and restaurants offering a buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) or tablet ordering type scenario, include a technology element in your mystery shops. How do associates assist customers with technology if needed?  Are all well trained to field questions and encourage its use?
  3. Summarize:  Rather than digging for info and creating your own reports, use Confero’s reporting tools to summarize the most relevant results. Focus on the behaviors that drive the scores.  Need help choosing which reports to run from our system?  Your Confero Client Services Manager will be happy to review reports with you and show you how we may be able to save you time.
  4. Peer to Peer Competition:  Reports allow you to compare your units’ results to scores of others, so you can communicate how associates are doing compared to others, building healthy competition. Comparing also allows for shared experiences and best practices.
  5. Highlight the Good and Bad:   Reveal where associates excelled and highlight actions that need improvement.  For example, if all provided a friendly greeting, compliment this. If very few called the customer by name, point out the benefits of using the customers’ names and coach for improvement.
  6. Add More Elements:  If you do not measure how well your associates handle an important customer interaction such as a return, consider adding the scenario to your program. Are employees handling returns according to company expectations? If not, what training is needed?
  7. Increase the Weight of a Question:  Sometimes shops reveal an area of opportunity across the board for all locations. Do stores consistently miss on greeting customers when they are within five feet? If yes, think about adding an incentive for those who score perfectly in this area during the quarter. Or, consider weighting this question more heavily. This makes a bigger impact on the shop score and brings more attention to it.
  8. Research Competition:  How well does the competition meet your sales standards? Do your competitors excel in areas where your associates struggle? Implement competitive and business intelligence during 2019 to see how you compare.
  9. Revamp Telephone Mystery Shopping:  Do your telephone shops capture all elements and expectations for telephone interactions? Take a look at your survey to see if you need to add factors such as hold times, timeliness of a return call, asking for and using the customer name, and associate friendliness.

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