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Preparing for Holiday Sales Period: Upselling and Resulting ROI

Sep 14, 2010 by Confero Inc.

Preparing your stores for the busy holiday sales period is top of mind right now.  In addition to ensuring appropriate inventory and staffing levels, how do you train and evaluate employees before this peak season begins?  To make the season the most productive, guide employees on expectations now to add impact to your bottom line.  If you want to learn more about the actual impact of employee sales behaviors to the bottom line, use Confero’s Return on Investment Calculator.                       


The Competition for Consumer Dollars, Magic Fitting Rooms, Sales Strategies

Oct 29, 2010 by Confero Inc.


Retailers Find Creative New Ways to Capture More Sales

Dec 10, 2010 by Confero Inc.

Developing creative ways to capture more sales and increase customer satisfaction is essential for retail companies during tough economic times, and especially during the holidays.   Borders Books recently announced an initiative to win more customers with its “Customer Commitment.”  In an effort to capture the sale, even if the store does not have the item in stock, Borders makes an offer to customers to find the item online and ship to them with free shipping.    A low-price promise is also part of the Customer Commitment, because Borders promises to match a competitor’s advertised, in-store price. 


Monitoring Feedback Through Twitter

Dec 13, 2010 by Confero Inc.

Customers express their dissatisfaction with companies in many ways: in person, via customer satisfaction surveys, or through email.  But how do companies address customers who voice their negative opinions online without communicating complaints directly to the business?   If you’re AT&T, you seek out unhappy customers who vent elsewhere.  New software allows AT&T to monitor what customers say via Twitter.  With the software, AT&T managers gain additional data on customer complaints and put solutions into action faster.


Retailers Compete for Holiday Customers

Dec 16, 2010 by Confero Inc.

The holiday season brings out more examples of how competitive the retail landscape is in a sluggish economy.   For example, stores start well before the traditional start of the holiday season to advertise offers.  They hope that by starting earlier, they will entice customers to purchase from them, as opposed to the competition.  Another reason stores increase early efforts is the fear that customers will be more reluctant to spend as weeks go by.


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