“..So I Bagged Myself” and Other Funny Mystery Shopper Comments

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Nov 28, 2012 by Confero Inc.

We are constantly reminded of why our quality assurance process is so valuable to our clients. Despite ever-smarter technology, there is no replacement for an actual review of a report before it’s released to our client. Spell check can’t and won’t uncover all errors!

Bag over headIn 2011, we posted an article highlighting some mystery shopper funnies that Confero’s team had encountered over the years.  We were surprised at all the positive feedback from those who enjoyed reading them. Given its popularity, we decided to post more humorous quotes this month.

  • “There were no baggers helping the cashier so I bagged myself”.
  • “I ordered tuna and the server went into a drawer for it.”
  • "He was very helpful in explaining the choices I was making."
  •  “As I walked into the door my first impression was….”   Our first thought was “Ouch! Didn’t that hurt?”
  • “The French fires were great.”

To see more like this, visit our previous post here. There, enjoy our favorite: “Remains from a previous customer were still on table.  I cleaned it up myself.”

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