Facebook Customer Interactions: How Responsive Are You?

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Mar 27, 2012 by Confero Inc.

When you post a question to a company’s Facebook page, do you ever wonder who is behind the scenes reading the content, and how long it will take to see a response? With all attention on Facebook’s new Timeline, many retail companies focus not only on conversion of their existing pages to the new format, but also on improving their Facebook customer response strategies.  These strategies require constant revisions, as companies strive to ensure sufficient social media monitoring and staff ready to reply to customer questions, concerns and comments. 

Expectations for very fast replies in the customer service world are higher than ever, and companies face real challenges in meeting these demands real time.  When it comes to Facebook, some retail companies are very responsive, while others delete comments and never reply to them at all.

According to a recent article, some surprising popular, big retail names appear to be lacking in either responding at all or replying in a timely fashion to Facebook queries.  STELLAservice,a customer service firm, surveyed 20 large retailers to discover how responsive they are to customer questions on Facebook.  The survey found that only 5 of the twenty replied to the customer questions within 48 hours. Companies like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Foot Locker replied within 30 minutes, and for consumers who have come to value the real time conversations that online channels afford, even a timeframe of 30 minutes seems long.  Not surprisingly, companies replied more often and quicker to posts directly on the company’s wall as opposed to comments within a post.

While this study is not large, it reveals some vital insights.  The best retail companies realize that two way conversations are essential to building a strong customer base and keeping a Facebook presence alive.  Beyond this, responding in a unique and engaging manner, and faster than competitors, will help position them ahead of the pack.

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