June 2011: Low Hanging Fruit: These Stats Show Opportunities to Best the Competition

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Jun 16, 2011 by Confero Inc.

Consumers say top-notch service is more  important than the bank’s reputation.   The 8thannual Capgemini  study of 14,000 bank customers in 25 countries revealed that only 27 percent felt that the bank’s brand image is a major reason for leaving a bank. On the other hand, 55% indicated that lack of service quality would motivate them to switch to another bank. The study showed that 59% of bank customers are satisfied with their banks.  Overall, a bank's success in positive customer experience delivery averaged a rating of 72.2 out of 100.

2011 Mother’s Day spending shows a positive increase.  National Retail Federation’s Mother’s Day survey showed an average of $140 spent on gifts for Mom this year, with 55% of respondents indicating that they will treat Mom to a restaurant brunch or dinner .  One third of those responding to the survey said that they would purchase Mother’s Day gifts at a department store, the highest percentage in the survey’s history.  Twenty-one percent preferred to purchase Mother’s Days gifts online. Males said that they would  spend an average of $169 on Mother’s Day, while women indicated that their purchases would average $114. 

Forty-two percent of Americans believe that companies do not go the extra mile to keep their business. The recent American Express customer service study revealed that while consumers consider companies to be helpful, they are not doing anything additional to keep them from taking their business elsewhere. The study also revealed that 22% of customers think businesses take customers for granted.




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