Smartphones and Mystery Shopping

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Feb 04, 2011 by Confero Inc.

Do you have a Smartphone or are you considering buying one? If so, check out these tips we have compiled from various mystery shoppers about how they use their Smartphones to make mystery shopping easier.

  • Download the shop guidelines to your Smartphone and review them just before the mystery shop so they are fresh in your mind!
  • Use the navigation function for specific directions to and from mystery shop locations. However, be sure to double check the address of the mystery shop in your Shop Log prior to leaving for the shop!
  • Almost all of Confero's mystery shops require mystery shoppers to upload validation. The validation could be a business card, receipt, or signed confirmation form. After conducting a mystery shop, shoppers could take a minute to take a clear picture of the validation. This could help eliminate the possibility of losing the validation in your car or home. However, make sure you take a clear picture! You could also use the camera function on your Smartphone to take pictures during audits. Then just email the pictures to yourself and you can skip the step of downloading pictures from a digital camera.
  • After a mystery shop, call your voicemail and leave a message with important details about the mystery shop. Leave a description of the employee who helped you, or a description of the appearance of the outside of the building.
  • You could also use the note taking function to remember key points from the mystery shop, instead of calling your voicemail.
  • Use the Smartphone's calendar function to schedule your mystery shops. You can even set up reminders for a day before the shop, or an hour before before; whatever works for you, but this will help prevent over-scheduling or forgetting about shops scheduled far in advance.
  • Many Smartphones have a timer function or a timer application. Use this to time how long it takes to receive your order or how long the entire mystery shop takes.
  • With a Smartphone, you can access the internet just about anywhere. If you are out and about, you can check the job board via your Smartphone and find out if any mystery shops are available. Sometimes you can find a mystery shop, request a shop, and get it assigned all in a few minutes!
  • Depending on which Smartphone you have, you may even be able to fill out your online survey using your phone.  But as always, be sure to use complete sentences and spell check!

Cell phone technology has come a long way in the past few years. Mystery shoppers might as well use this technology to their advantage.  However, at Confero we do caution you to be aware that there are some times in which using any kind of cell phone device during a mystery shop is grounds for a client to reject a mystery shop report as invalid.

  • All of Confero's client require mystery shoppers' full attention to the observations to be reported for that visit. This means that cell phone conversations are prohibited during mystery shops. Mystery shops require your full attention, and carrying on a conversation during a mystery shop takes away from your focus.
  • If the client required shop guidelines specifically state that mystery shoppers cannot use cell phones during a shop for anything (talking, texting, etc.) you must abide by this rule.

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If they could find a way to let us upload photos directly from our smartphones we could complete the shop forms within minutes and not worry about getting back to a “real” computer for that last step of photo upload.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

There is a free app in the app store for people who use Iphones ; called JobSlinger that helps keep track of your job information as well.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

I have downloaded a Stopwatch application with split times to my Android phone to allow me to time things like a drive through order/pay/receive all food.  I have also downloaded a simple application called AudioRecorder that turns my cell phone into a digital recorder (as long as I place it in my pocket microphone up).  Unfortunately, however, even after trying 5 different applications to record phone calls I have yet to find one that writes files that I can play and catches inbound and outbound audio.  Any luck?

Saturday, February 05, 2011

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