Shopper Ratings

Our mystery shopper ratings system is a tool we use to give priority to those mystery shoppers who consistently demonstrate quality work.

Our shopper rating system is a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible rating. We reserve ratings of 10 for reports that have a high level of difficulty and longer comment requirements. Therefore, for most mystery shops, a rating of 8 or 9 is a good rating with Confero.

Ratings are averaged over time. Mystery shoppers with higher ratings are given more assignments and more choices.

Newly registered mystery shoppers have an automatic rating of 5 and will stay a 5 until a mystery shop assignment has been given and performed. When assignments open up for new mystery shoppers, new shoppers are notified.

Each individual mystery shop conducted for Confero is reviewed by a member of our quality assurance team. When a mystery shop report is reviewed, the shopper history is not reviewed at that time. Each mystery shop must stand alone, and is rated separately. Our QA Team reviews each report for consistency of answers. In other words, all Yes/No responses given must make sense when compared to narrative comments. Our QA Team makes sure that the report contains the appropriate evidence that guidelines were followed. In addition, our QA Team reviews reports for spelling and grammatical errors.

For each mystery shop conducted for Confero, the mystery shopper receives an email message explaining the rating and providing coaching comments for continued improvement. Shoppers can also log into the system anytime and review their ratings.

Some tips for receiving higher ratings include:

  • Visiting the assigned location during the dates and times assigned.
  • Following the guidelines for the visit requirements. For example, the mystery shopper may not think to visit the restroom, but that may be a requirement of our client for the visit.
  • Submitting your report on time.
  • Uploading validating document (receipt, business card, etc.) or faxing it to us on time.
  • Providing well-considered narrative comments containing complete sentences, correct spelling and typed using sentence case (upper and lower case letters).
  • Provide narrative comments that provide information and convey facts. There should be something in the narrative which would help the client know how to perform better next time.

Mystery shoppers may challenge their ratings by following this procedure:

"Mystery shopping allows me to perform service related activities to help improve both the client's company and the client's employees' skill at customer relations. I enjoy mystery shopping for Confero because they are the most professional in regards to scheduling and continuing support for the mystery shopper. The schedulers are very pleasant and friendly and the reviewers make sure shoppers get feedback for next time."

--Retired Executive