Customer Surveys IVR/Web

Many organizations depend upon simple customer questionnaires that may be completed and then returned by mail or in some instances, deposited into a Customer Comment Collection Box. The effectiveness of this method suffers due to low participation rates and “polarized” responses. From the low number of responses received, the customers are either really upset or very pleased with their experience. Obviously, this is not representative of the entire customer base. What’s missing, of course, are the responses from all the customers that fall in between the two extremes.

Interactive Voice Response Interviewing (IVR) resolves this issue. Customers are offered an incentive for providing their feedback, either by handing them a preprinted survey invitation or by having the invitation printed on the sales receipt. Successful incentives used in the past include discounts on future purchases, sweepstakes, and shopping sprees.

What can IVR and web surveys do for my business?

  • Non-Intrusive: customers may respond at their own convenience, 24/7.
  • Higher response rates compared to traditional survey methods.
  • Lower costs compared to traditional survey methods.
  • Eliminate “interview bias”.
  • Hear caller’s comments/suggestions in their own voice.
  • Receive alerts when customers call with issues requiring immediate attention.
  • Secure online data access alongside your mystery shop data.

How does IVR work?

  • Customers call a toll-free number and are asked to enter the store number so response data can be tracked by location.
  • Our extremely user-friendly interactive call center instructs the caller through the entire process repeating questions when no response is given and prompting them on invalid responses.
  • An infinite number of question branches, skip patterns, and triggers can be programmed into the script.
  • Callers are also able to leave voice mail messages which can be accessed at any time by store managers or authorized personnel for review through the COMPASS message retrieval system
  • At the conclusion of the survey, our system will give the caller a unique validation code or it will ask the caller to record their contact information depending on the type of incentive offered.
  • Reports are available on Confero’s COMPASS Online Reporting System.
  • Clients may choose to fax or email alert for locations that have received a contact request from the customer, allowing personal follow-up.

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