Video Mystery Shopping

When managers review onsite mystery shopping results, they occasionally need more visual information to complement shopper observations.   Video shops provide these additional details.  With video shops, managers observe actual footage of the mystery shop visit.  And since managers can’t be in all places at all times, video mystery shops provide another way for managers to learn critical details about store operations, including store cleanliness, merchandising, and employee appearance.

Some firms choose video shops for every shop.  Since they are expensive, others use them only for weaker-performing locations, or on an as needed basis.  Similar to the use of telephone recorded shops, managers review the video with the employee and discuss positives and negatives of the customer interaction.  With video shops, managers receive valuable insight into employee behaviors and employees receive meaningful feedback.

Recording laws vary by state.  Confero helps firm navigate the laws to ensure that they approach and use video shops in the correct manner.

Applications for Video Mystery Shops:

  • Grocery store
  • Automotive
  • Department stores
  • Apartment complexes