How to Take a Mystery Shopper Test!

Sep 24, 2014 by Confero Inc.


Many of our shops now require mystery shoppers to take a quick and easy test! Don’t worry, tests are open book! The test is required by our clients so they are assured all mystery shoppers understand each client's unique requirements. These test instructions can be used for any of the test within your shop log.  


Follow these steps to access and take a test:

  1. You can take the test by signing into your Confero shopper log, and clicking on “Shopper Testing Center”.
  2. Click on “Take Test”.
  3. You will receive a pop up window for the test. Click on “Start Test”
  4. The test guidelines can be found here before you begin answering the test questions. Since the test is open book, you can download them and have them open while taking the test!  
  5. Once you compelte the test and hit submit to be graded, you will receive your score. If you receive 100% you may apply for the shop. If you do not pass the first time, you may retake the test in two days.
  6. Please remember, just because you apply for a shop does not mean you have been assigned the shop. You will receive a confirmation email stating the shop has been assigned to you, as well as it will show in your shop log.


If you have the experience rating required for the project and have passed the rest, you may assign the shop to yourself through our self-assign feature. Self assign shops show a large red notice in the upper right corner of the mystery shop job posting.

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