I’m registered! Now what?

Mar 30, 2015 by Confero Inc.

You are registered...now what? Whether you just signed up or have been registered with us for awhile and have not yet begun shopping, let's talk about where to begin! Even if you are an experienced shopper with us, you might find a useful tip! 


  • All available shops in your area are posted on our Job Board. You can view the Job Board by logging in at our shopper log-in page, and then clicking on Job Board at the top right. At the Job Board, you can use the drop downs to select by project type and number of miles from your home. Each shop posted will show the fee and expense offered, an overview of the client requirements and the time frame in which the client needs to shop completed. You may request any projects that interest you. There is never a requirement to request a shop. However, if you request a shop and it is assigned to you, please follow through and complete it.


  • Check each day for new postings! The number and type of available shops in your area will depend upon a variety of factors, including client projects, seasonal programs, geography, etc. If you do not see a shop in your area, please check back soon.


  • Your Confero Shopper Profile allowed you to check a box if you do not wish to receive mystery shopping offers by e-mail. If you left the box unchecked, you will receive an e-mail message from us when shops are available near you. If you checked that box and do not wish to receive e-mail notices, please log in and check the Job Board often. 


  • Shoppers are rated based on their on-time reporting and accuracy. All new shoppers begin with a rating of 5, on a scale of 1-10. Some shops require experience: please be patient. When an assignment for a new shopper is available, you will be notified via e-mail (if you set your profile to allow e-mail notifications from us). Find more about shopper ratings on our blog.


  • You will receive a confirmation email if you are assigned to a shop for which you applied.Access the client requirements guidelines from the Log.


  • Check your e-mail regularly. We often receive last minute projects that are posted and filled very quickly – we’d hate for you to miss something!


  • Shops and surveys are time sensitive. Shops must be performed according to the client's requirements and surveys submitted in the assigned time frame or our client will not pay for them. Please review the client required guidelines carefully. Every client/project is different.


  • Many clients require that shoppers pass a short test before completing the shop! This confirms for the client that shopper know what to look for and report on during the visit. Don't worry they are all open book! If you are signing up for a project that requires a test, you can read more about how to access it on our website here.




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