Summer Vacation Plans?!

Apr 28, 2015 by Confero Inc.

Do your summer plans include a visit to an amusement park? Or are you lucky enough to live within minutes of a park!? Then we have the mystery shop for you!!! Our summer park shops are up on the job board so why not help with the cost of the trip by adding in a quick and easy mystery shop to the day! You can also help with the cost of a trip by picking up some other shops in the area. We have grocery stores, restaurants, quick service oil change, airports, etc! 

Our amusement park shops are prize shops, which means if the park staff does everything correctly, you will award prizes on the spot. These shops require extra attention to detail, as you will be responsible for the prizes and provide rewards only if the shop is successful. Over the next few weeks, you may see a qualification within your shop log that denotes your experience. This qualification will indicate if you are eligible to apply for amusement park shops. If you just started shopping with us, you can earn the qualification status by proving yourself first on non-prize shops. You must consistently follow guidelines, write excellent reports and conduct your assignments with the utmost professionalism. 


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