Tests and Qualifications

Here's a quick guide to understanding Tests and Qualifications. 


Many Confero clients require that mystery shoppers pass a quick test. This assures the client that all mystery shoppers understand the client's unique requirements. If a test or qualification is required for a project, it will be listed as a requirement on the mystery shop posting.

Steps to access and take a test:

  1. Sign into your Confero shopper log, and click on “Shopper Testing Center”.
  2. Select the test you wish to take.
  3. Click on “Take Test”.
  4. You will receive a pop up window for the test.
  5. Click on “Start Test”
  6. The test guidelines will then be displayed as a link at the top of the test page.
  7. Review the guide before or while taking the test. Since the test is open book, you can download the test guide and have them open while taking the test. 
  8. After you have completed the test, click on submit and the test will then be automatically graded. You score will display.
  9. If you receive 100%, your test results will show as passed on your log. If you do not pass the first time, some projects allow repeat testing. The test will list this at the start of the test page.
  10. Passing a test does not guarantee an assignment. 



Some Confero clients have specific requirements for experience on certain projects. our Confero Compass system grants and tracks these qualifications in one of three ways:

1. Tests passed. 

When a test is passed, a qualification is automatically granted. The qualification will show on your log as something like "Tests PAssed: ABC Company".


2. Experience. 

This category of qualification differentiates levels of experience with specific types of Confero client projects. Qualifications are granted based on history with Confero. Example qualifications include:

  • Prize shop 
  • Grocery shopper (Level 1, Route, Customer, Loyalty Customer)
  • Telephone


3. General.

Examples in this category include:

  • Age Verification for Alcohol/Tobacco Compliance
  • Self Assign