Mystery Shopping Salon and Waxing Services

Confero helps client companies serve their customers better. We provide customer experience research to national brands, multi-unit franchises and independent companies. We have a BBB A+ rating.

Needed immediately – Female mystery shoppers  to test Brazilian wax service at local spa. Our client provides a free Brazilian wax plus a fee for the report.

When our clients need mystery shopping (secret shopping), auditing, or research services, we reach out to the independent contractors who have registered with us. Mystery shopping and auditing opportunities are for independent contractors only. This is not an employment arrangement. There is no guarantee of work as we work on research projects as they come up. Independent contractors choose the projects they want to work on.

We work with clients in many industries, included amusement, entertainment, restaurants, retail, grocery, spas, automotive and banking.

After registering, you will have access to the job board and will see all the opportunities available in your area right now. When you register, you may also choose to receive email notifications about new projects in your area.

Visit our Mystery Shopping and Auditors center to register, get answers to frequent questions and more: We use two different research reporting platforms, so you will see two sign in links. Register with both for the most opportunities.

Visit our Mystery Shopping and Auditors center to register get answers to frequent questions and more:

Top Reasons to Start Mystery Shopping and Auditing!
• Be your own boss.
• Choose the hours, days, and locations you wish to conduct your evaluations/audits/shops.
• Supplement your income with this side hustle.
• New experiences each time you conduct an evaluation.
• Provide services for our exciting On-the-Spot Reward shops. Make someone’s day!

We pay YOU to shop. We will never charge you to register or send you a check and ask you to deposit it and keep some for yourself. That is a scam. Confero is a legitimate company, operating since 1986. All mystery shoppers, auditors and research respondents are paid via PayPal.

Our Clients

Our Clients