Compliance Audits

Without proactive, objective monitoring of compliance areas, companies face the risks of significant legal and monetary consequences.

Confero can assist.   For example, Confero manages programs  that ensure locations display materials and signage that comply with legal guidelines.  Field representatives visit locations, observe compliance details, and even photograph signage or other visible details if required.  The representatives report  the information online within 24 hours and upload the photo if applicable, so that your firm can address any issues quickly.  These services, when used over time, ensure that locations consistently remain on track and in compliance.

Many times food and beverage companies or convenience stores need a second set of eyes to make sure that employees are not selling alcohol or tobacco products to minors.   Confero helps firms stay on top of requirements by providing compliance audits.  For these types of projects, Confero takes extra steps to carefully select shoppers.  For example, in alcohol compliance studies, we typically recruit shoppers within the age range of 18-24, and more importantly, we recruit those that also appear to be under 21.  During the program, Confero constantly recruits new shoppers in the correct age range, since over time shoppers “age out” of the program. 

Sample projects:

  • Retail:  Alcohol compliance audits
  • Retail:  Tobacco compliance audits
  • Financial Services:  Investments/FDIC signage