Mystery shoppers and auditors, please visit the FAQ’s in the Shopper and Auditor area of this site.

What does your tagline mean? “Customer experience and operational insights that drive loyalty, sales and compliance”

It means we have a collection of services available to every client. These services can measure how customers perceive your service, how your team is executing on your customer service plans, how responsive your team is on social media, how compliant your team is with best practices, protocols, and regulations, etc. Not every tool is right for every purpose. Our team will work with you to decide on the best tool or mix of tools to use to help your business grow.

What tools and methods are available?

Mystery shopping, social media monitoring, telephone mystery shopping. Customer surveys, mobile surveys, on the spot rewards mystery shopping. Competitor mystery shopping, management action plans, and compliance audits are available.

How quickly can Confero get a program set up?

Most programs can be set up within 2 weeks after we know your requirements, however, detailed compliance audits require 30 to 60 days to set up to meet your requirements for your brand.

Who at Confero would manage my program?

An experienced Client Services Manager (CSM) is assigned to each client program. This assures a single point of contact for each client. CSMs work with our development, scheduling, and quality review teams to ensure smooth execution of all client programs.

How will the results be reported?

Results are reported on our COMPASS system. Confero COMPASS offers 24/7 reporting from any device with an internet connection, with multiple layers of access, full trending, and analysis reporting. Individual mystery shop reports may be sent to clients via email notice or as PDF attachments or clients may simply elect to log into the system to see all reports. To see what the reporting looks like and the possibilities, check out the Reporting section of this site.

Does Confero have experience in my industry?

After over three decades in business, chances are we have worked with clients in your industry or have conducted a program with similar requirements. Specific experience includes retail, automotive, banking, restaurants, travel, entertainment, and government.

Where are mystery shopping services and audit services available?

We contract with mystery shoppers in the United States and Canada. Please note that mystery shopping that reports on human interactions in Nevada must be conducted under the auspices of a license private investigator. Confero maintains a relationship with a Nevada-approved PI firm for the purpose of conducting mystery shops legally in that state.

Who are the mystery shoppers?

Mystery shoppers are independent contractors. Because they remain anonymous, they provide very candid feedback. They are not employees of Confero and are not obligated to accept Confero mystery shopping assignments. This leads to willing participation, reduced bias and allows for mystery shoppers to be rotated so that the same shopper does not repeatedly visit the same location. This preserves anonymity.

Who are the auditors?

Auditors are independent contractors that we engage for specific requirements as they come up.  Auditors are screened to make sure they have the experience necessary to meet your requirements.

Our Clients

Our Clients