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Our services help you monitor how your employees, agents and practitioners represent your practice, what information they provide in response to specific sales inquiries, how well they comply with relevant laws and your own best practices, and ways sales and appointment opportunities may be missed.

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Healthcare mystery shopping and audits uncover:

  • Appointment setting process:  Rings to answer, time to reach reception, courtesy, explanation of COVID 19 or flu season screening, entry requirements and best practices
  • Staff appearance: Uniforms, name tags
  • Staff procedures and compliance: Patient greeting, check in, HIPAA/privacy, courtesy
  • Facility appearance and cleanliness
  • Promotional materials
  • Waiting area appearance and comfort
  • Digital media broadcasts in the waiting area
  • Wi-Fi access in the waiting area
  • Printed materials in the waiting area
  • Service and compliance within hospital food service providers, banks and credit unions, gift shops, pharmacies & medical device providers
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Law office

Law office telephone mystery shopping uncovers:

  • Information gathering skills by the intake specialist
  • Courtesy, friendliness, and efficiency of intake staff
  • Attorney skills such as providing correct information in a clear manner
  • Closing skills, such as asking for the appointment or asking the caller to move on to the next step
  • Compliance with your firm’s own standards
  • Mystery shoppers use specific scenario details to fit your law firm’s situations and offerings
  • Social media monitoring is also available for your practice in our easy to use tool.

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  • Experience: our seasoned project leaders will design your program to get the analytics you need.
  • Right size, right partner. Large enough for your national program. Small enough for your regional program.
  • Best in class program design.
  • A proven history of long term, satisfied clients.
  • Actionable, easy to use reporting.
  • Unlimited dashboard views allow your management team to see their results, their way.
  • Reporting tools for every need.
  • Social monitoring tools that report alongside mystery shop, audit and on site reports.
  • Worthy of your trust. We are known for integrity.
  • Comprehensive quality control baked into every process.
  • Industry leadership. Active leadership in the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association.
  • Performance incentive procurement and fulfillment. Reward your star performers.

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Our Clients