Social Media Monitoring

An easy-to-use, customer engagement platform built for brick & mortar brands, marketing agencies and corporate marketers.
75+ different review and social media sites so you can do your day-to-day work from one spot.

Save hours

Save hours of work. Respond to and engage with customers quickly.

  • Easily respond to customer reviews from anywhere
  • See all customer reviews in one place
  • Save hours of work. Reply to online reviews in one centralized place, quickly, on the fly or with templated responses.
  • Sentiment analysis using AI assigns scores to unrated text like tweets and Instagram posts so metrics can be tracked on sites that do not offer ratings.
  • Location level monitoring for franchisees and multi-unit operators.
  • Corporate and brand level monitoring for franchisors, brands, agencies, and corporate marketers.
  • Our services even monitor online location profiles to make sure addresses. phone numbers and operating hours are consistent on all platforms.
Social media

Standalone or integrated with other research

Social media monitoring services are available as a standalone service


As a complement to your mystery shopping, onsite audits, compliance, and customer survey services.

Everything rolls up neatly into our reporting platform. Clients can monitor mystery shopping, compliance audits and social media listening, and response from one dashboard.


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Case Studies


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    05 May, 2019 by Confero Inc.
    Confero offers Social Media Monitoring, to complement your mystery shopping!  For most consumers, the buying process begins and ends with online reviews, yet many companies...
Why Us

Why Confero

  • Experience: our seasoned project leaders will design your program to get the analytics you need.
  • Right size, right partner. Large enough for your national program. Small enough for your regional program.
  • Best in class program design.
  • A proven history of long term, satisfied clients
  • Actionable, easy to use reporting.
  • Unlimited dashboard views allow your management team to see their results, their way.
  • Social monitoring tools that report alongside mystery shop, audit and on site reports.
  • Worthy of your trust. We are known for integrity.

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Our Clients