Social Media Monitoring: Need help?

Social Media Monitoring: Need help?

Confero offers Social Media Monitoring, to complement your mystery shopping!  For most consumers, the buying process begins and ends with online reviews, yet many companies don’t have resources to monitor online reviews and reply to them quickly.  When online reviews go unnoticed, your company may miss valuable opportunities for customer service and operational improvements. What’s more, online profiles for your company’s locations may contain incorrect information, such as address. Companies need to claim and correct these online profile errors to attract new business.  Confero takes on these important tasks for you.  We will:

  • Monitor over 50 major online review sites, including Facebook, Google, Foursquare, and Amazon.  We’ll send each review to you as an individual report, including customer comments and star ratings.
  • Check for brand consistency.   We check online profiles for your location’s correct name, address, phone number and hours.  You use this information to claim profiles and make any needed corrections, so potential customers know when and where to find you.
  • Report all information on our easy-to-use, secure reporting website, Compass.This is the same website where you view mystery shopping data.  The reports summarize and compare online reviews so you can quickly see trends and opportunities.

Setup is quick and easy, with very few steps to complete on your end. And, pricing plans for monthly service start at as low as $7/month per location.

Want to learn more? We offer a 15 minute online presentation so you can learn how Confero’s Social Media Monitoring can help.  Please call (919)378-2014 if you would like us to arrange this quick demo. We appreciate your business and hope to hear from you!

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