Compliance Audits Equal Consistency

Compliance Audits Equal Consistency

Are the correct and current promotional signs in place at your stores or restaurants?  Possibly, you are not sure, and you don’t have time to visit or call your units to find out!  Or, do you wonder about the conditions of the signs and if they are in the correct places? 

Compliance audits solve this problem. Confero deploys auditors who report on conditions at your stores, including the presence of anything from current marketing materials, to wet floors signs if a spill is noticed; to proper placement of items which conforms to store policy.  Once the results are sent to you, you can quickly remedy any situations where materials were missing or not placed in the correct spots, making for a more consistent brand message across your units.

The bottom line is, when managers know that shoppers will visit their location to check on the compliance measures, they are more likely to post the correct materials and to follow compliance guidelines.   When considering an audit program, take into account:

  • Timing:  If measuring communication of an LTO for example, Confero can add a question to the survey that will only appear during the dates of the promotion.  
  • Photos:  By providing us with photos of the items that the auditors should look for, auditors have an easy guide to know what to look for and where, increasing the accuracy of results.
  • Separation of certain materials: Does your business require this?  For example for some financial institutions, loan marketing materials must be separate from investment materials.  Auditors visit and look in the areas you designate. They report on what they saw, and take photos, if desired, if deficiencies are noticed.

Compliance audits can also include photos of the conditions being reported. 

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