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  • Compliance Audits Equal Consistency

    June 6, 2019

    Are the correct and current promotional signs in place at your stores or restaurants?  Possibly, you are not sure, and you don’t have time to visit or call your units to find out!  

  • Lost Opportunities: Out of Stock (OOS) and Retail Customer Experience

    October 31, 2012

    Do you worry about lost sales opportunities and less than perfect customer experiences when your associates interact with customers? Does it worry you even more to think of situations when customers visit with a specific item in mind, only to find the item not on your shelf? When customers visit your location with a product in mind and don’t find it, negative customer experiences are not the only result. After experiencing this frustration, customers may return; however some opt to shop at another store where they feel more confident about finding items on the shelf. In fact, fifty percent of those who encounter an OOS will visit another store to find the item. The most frustrating piece

  • Get to Know the QR Code

    November 29, 2011

    Are QR codes confusing to you? They were confusing to us at first, too. Mostly, we found them confusing because, at Confero, we use the term Quality Review (QR) to refer to our detailed process of quality assurance for each mystery shopping or audit report. We are now getting used to seeing “QR” (Quick Response) codes everywhere. If you have customers who have Smartphones, “QR Code” is a good term to understand.

    QR Code Mobile Survey  QR Code Mobile Location Visit ReportQR Code Mobile Visit Report

    QR codes are those odd looking square patterns that seem to be cropping up everywhere. If you have not noticed one, look at most any print magazine ad and you’ll find one easily.

     Here’s how they work: