Mystery Shopping Reports & Insights

Confero’s COMPASS web reporting service is an integrated tool offering individual and side-by-side comparisons of mystery shop, IVR, telephone shop and Manager Action Plan data.

Key features:

  • Get management summaries of your data, 24/7 on demand
  • Secure site allows each level of your management to see their own reports
  • Dashboard and analyses reports show overall trends and highlight challenges
  • Data may be viewed by question, by management level or by ranking
  • Charts and graphs depict data in easy to review formats
  • Reports are easily exported to Excel or created in a pdf with one click

How it works:

  • Shoppers enter shop findings onto the online shopper survey
  • The shopper’s report is validated and reviewed by our Quality Assurance team
  • Shops passing our QA process are published to the COMPASS for our clients to view
  • Typical turnaround is 24-72 hours, depending upon the industry and shopper anonymity considerations
  • When a report is published to the COMPASS site, clients may elect to have an email alert notice or a pdf attachment sent to any or all staff members who manage the unit
  • All management reports, charts graphs, trends and rankings update in real time as reports are published to the client’s site
  • All that’s needed to access the site is an internet connection and the user name and password we provide
  • When a report is reviewed, it may be easier emailed from inside the system to another user. This is helpful for field managers who may have internet but not email access on the road.
  • Over 20 analysis reports and charts are available on the system, allowing each client to obtain the information needed to make appropriate decisions.
  • Custom reports are available.

To learn more about our services contact a Confero representative at 800-326-3880.

We selected Confero for our customer exit interview study because they provided national-caliber expertise at our local level. This was a long-term pick, as we will repeat this study every two years. We appreciate the attention to detail and extra touches our study received. I would definitely recommend Confero to companies that seek a loyal customer research partner.

--International Airport