Confero Warns of Text Scam:  Frances Ford

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Jun 05, 2018 by Confero Inc.

Confero received information today regarding "Frances Ford" who claims to work for Confero.  We have no employee named Frances Ford.  The fraudster’s text included wording that a package for the first assignment had been delivered and asked the shopper to confirm and get back to them ASAP.  The person falsely claims to be associated with “Confero Secret Surveyor Evaluation” and there is no such person that works for Confero.  He is attempting to recruit secret shoppers through texts.  The scam asks for the person to reply.  Once contact information is confirmed, the next step is typically for the fraudster to send a fake check, asking for the recipient to cash the fake checks. Please do not fall for this scam!


Here is an example of the text:

How are you doing today?

This is Frances Ford from Confero Secret Surveyor Evaluation.

Here is the delivery status of your first assignment.

Status: Delivered, June 4, 2018, In/at mailbox

Please confirm and get back to us ASAP.



Please do not contact Frances Ford, as this person is trying to scam people.  These scams almost always result in consumers becoming duped into a fake check scam. In fake check scams, shoppers are sent checks to deposit, and then told to wire most of the funds elsewhere and keep the difference. Ultimately, the check the scammer sent the shopper turns out to be worthless and the shopper is on the hook to cover the entire check with the bank. Some of the checks look quite real - so real in fact that bank tellers see them all the time. BE CAREFUL! 


Please be aware: 

1.    Communication from Confero does not come from “Confero Secret Surveyor Evaluation”. Our email addresses are

2.    Confero does not send a package randomly and then ask the shopper to confirm delivery.  Confero posts shops online on the job board, shoppers apply and then we assign the shops.  The shoppers are sent an email confirming that the shop has been assigned to them.  Shoppers will never  receive a text regarding a delivery for an unexplained package.

3.   Confero NEVER issues checks to shoppers for any reason. Our payments to shoppers are sent via PayPal or Direct Deposit.  


We thank the consumers who brought this to our attention, so that we were able to warn others of this scam.


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