Hello Shoppers and Auditors

Hello Shoppers and Auditors

Hello shoppers and auditors,

I hope you are all doing well during this pandemic.

We are seeing many clients restart their mystery shopping and audit programs.  Most are updating their mystery shop or audit requirements to include Covid 19-related best practices. We also have some brand new programs starting soon, including a new audit program and a national on the spot reward program. Your participation in any mystery shopping or audit program is entirely up to you.

I am very proud so say that September marks Confero’s 34th year in business. We will honor this milestone with 34 Days of Giving. Please check back here or Facebook for updates about this community outreach effort.

Stay well!

Best regards,
Elaine Buxton
President & CEO

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2 thoughts on “Hello Shoppers and Auditors

  1. Thank u for putting us back to work during crazy times. Some of us r really hurting and any new jobs are very helpful.

  2. Confero is one of the best companies I do work for. Pay is good, reports are fairly simple and pay is on time. Also, if I have a question, I can get an answer quickly.

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