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  • Retail Level Employees Still Characterize Brand

    August 28, 2012

    You may hope that your associates embody your brand, but do you sometimes fear that employees don’t quite measure up to your brand’s image? When you achieve parity between brand and how your employees interact with customers, it pays off. When associates don’t mirror your brand, it costs companies plenty.

    Social media customer interactions constantly evolve and serve to build the brand. As an example, 48% of consumers who used social media for customer service indicated that they used it to praise a company for a positive experience. Although social media creates impact, one fact remains the same: retail level associates remain a large part of the brand experience. In increasingly competitive environments with fast service expectations and sweeping technological changes, the store continues to be a mainstay.

  • Making the Most of Customer Wait Times

    April 29, 2012

    In 2009, our own Rob Barry, Confero Account Executive, spoke with the Wall Street Journal’s “The Numbers Guy” blogger Carl Bialik forhis Waiting Game article. Rob provided insight from his experience managing mystery shopping programs for grocery store clients. Technology is moving at a much faster pace than 2009, and customer waiting time is a topic worth revisiting. 

    Customers Waiting in Line

    Whether you manage a bank, restaurant, service or store, you know that it’s not realistic to reduce wait times for customers in every circumstance. If your company is one that prides itself on impressive and personalized service for every customer, wait times are inevitable. There are ways, however, to create more enjoyable waits for customers, and generate additional sales at the same time.

    Developing customized mystery shopping programs across many industries has allowed us to see a variety of wait time strategies.  Through measurement of these strategies and our own observations, here are ways that some organizations convert tiresome wait times into positive customer experiences:

    • Automotive or food service companies arrange retail space so that customers view the employees working, whether it an associate who cooks a food order, or an employee who repairs or washes your vehicle.  This is a great way to show customers the quality behind your service while at the same time eliminating boring waits.
    • At some Chick Fil-a locations, employees stand near the drive thru entry point and key in orders with
  • Please Hang Up So I Can Serve You! Serving the Smartphone-Distracted Customer

    March 28, 2012

    When you think about mobile devices and their impact on the in-person customer experience, have you considered that nearly 2 billion people will have Smartphones by 2017? If not, you should!

    You should also consider how your employees serve these distracted customers.

    • Do your new accounts personnel approach waiting customers, only to find them with their heads down, texting away?
    • Do your servers wait for diners to look up from their cell phones?
    • Do your retail associates stand awkwardly while a distracted cell phone talker holds up the line?

    From restaurants to banks to retail stores and beyond, busy associates encounter the same challenge – customers who multi -task with cell phone conversations, texting or using an Ipad. In response to this growing phenomenon, we wanted to take a closer look at the ways that distracted customers impact customer experience in these industries.


    Mobile-crazed Diners

    Rather than embracing mobile trends, some restaurants simply ask customers not to use their cell phones inside their locations. For example,