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  • Please Hang Up So I Can Serve You! Serving the Smartphone-Distracted Customer

    March 28, 2012

    When you think about mobile devices and their impact on the in-person customer experience, have you considered that nearly 2 billion people will have Smartphones by 2017? If not, you should!

    You should also consider how your employees serve these distracted customers.

    • Do your new accounts personnel approach waiting customers, only to find them with their heads down, texting away?
    • Do your servers wait for diners to look up from their cell phones?
    • Do your retail associates stand awkwardly while a distracted cell phone talker holds up the line?

    From restaurants to banks to retail stores and beyond, busy associates encounter the same challenge – customers who multi -task with cell phone conversations, texting or using an Ipad. In response to this growing phenomenon, we wanted to take a closer look at the ways that distracted customers impact customer experience in these industries.


    Mobile-crazed Diners

    Rather than embracing mobile trends, some restaurants simply ask customers not to use their cell phones inside their locations. For example,