Mystery Shops Tell Part of Customer Experience

Mystery Shops Tell Part of Customer Experience

Confero is best known for mystery shop services , which report on specific performance observations made during on site visits or phone calls. Our other services can add vital elements to your company’s customer experience knowledge. Not all research methods will benefit every business, but for some, these can provide valuable knowledge and more in depth insight into the customer experience:

  • Interactive Voice Response Surveys (IVR) : Phone based surveys allow customers to express opinions about your business and your employees, at their convenience. Robust reporting and analysis, plus hear customers’ opinions in their own voices.
  • Web Surveys : Customers complete a web survey, which can mirror IVR surveys. Web surveys are easy to access and, with proper incentive, can provide your business with a cost effective way to hear from more of your customers.
  • Exit Interviews : Interviews with customers immediately following their interaction with your company can provide insight into customer perceptions, product opinions, etc.
  • Brand Studies/ Retail Audits: Assess how your brand is represented in the retail environment, including product placement, pricing and store employee product knowledge. Digital photos add detail to the audits.
  • Competitive Studies: Whether in person or over the phone, this type of study will open your eyes to what the customer sees when they visit or call your competition. Pinpoint specific opportunities to win more sales and keep more customers.

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