What Would You Do With This Mystery Shopper Feedback?

What Would You Do With This Mystery Shopper Feedback?

Mystery shop results help you understand, in detail, how your locations perform in terms of appearance, timeliness, and customer engagement through greeting, customer service and sales behaviors, product knowledge, friendliness and other factors.   The results also provide invaluable information through mystery shopper comments. Open-ended comments reflect mystery shopper observations about what they saw and heard during the mystery shop visit.  They include details that explain a low-scored area or in-depth comments on overall impressions about the visit.

Here are a few shopper comments from reports we have received in the past week or two. As you read them, consider what you would do if you read these comments about one of your own locations. Reward and recognize, or meet to discuss improvement?

* I appreciated that I did not have to hunt for someone when I had a question. I was very impressed with the salesperson’s knowledge and willingness to help.

* When I asked Sue for assistance, she was short with me and seemed annoyed that I interrupted her personal conversation.

* The employee was in front of the counter talking with a co-worker.  I looked over the items for a few minutes and even said, "Excuse me" as I reached for a product next to her, but she didn’t stop her conversation to greet me or ask if I needed help.

* I called ahead for the hours of operation and was never told about the location closing for lunch. I arrived at the location at 12:30 and found it closed for lunch. I waited a bit, and then left. I came back 90 minutes later to find the location still closed with a note on the door stating ”Back soon”. Two other customers were waiting at the same time.

* The employees that I observed during my meal were working hard. They were busy cleaning, organizing, and checking on customers. They all appeared well groomed and professional.

* The employee answered the phone after one ring. She was enthusiastic and upbeat. When I asked for information on their facilities, she replied "What can I tell you about us?"

* There were flies around the order counter area.

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