25 Business Types for Mystery Shopping, Customer Experience Research and Compliance Audits

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Mar 03, 2011 by Confero Inc.

Confero’s 25 years in the customer experience research field has allowed us to interact with various industries over the years.  With our experience in so many diverse industries, we apply knowledge to new projects in unique ways.  Here’s a list of 25 types of businesses that Confero has worked with over the decades, by providing them with services including onsite, telephone-recorded and email mystery shops, competitive pricing studies, retail audits, brand representation at retail, and customer satisfaction surveys:

  1. Private schools
  2. Banks
  3. Funeral homes
  4. Fast oil change centers 
  5. Learning centers
  6. Airports
  7. Credit unions
  8. Brokerage services companies
  9. Jewelry stores
  10. Fine dining restaurants
  11. Fast casual restaurants
  12. Quick serve restaurants
  13. Tire stores
  14. Campus dining facilities
  15. Grocery stores
  16. Movie theaters
  17. Amusement parks
  18. Auto dealerships
  19. Auto repair centers
  20. Automotive parts sales
  21. Car washes
  22. Specialty retail
  23. Drug stores
  24. Online ticket sales
  25. Marketing agencies

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