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  • Employee Incentive and Rewards Ideas

    July 28, 2011

    Our experience in employee recognition and on-the-spot rewards in different industries has opened our eyes to the creative ideas introduced by our clients and our client services team. 

    This idea is one of our favorites. The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority (RDUAA), a long time client, honors associates who score 100% on the mystery shops Confero conducts at the RDU airport. The airport authority changes the gift over time and tracks which employee receives which item, so that the award item is always fresh and

  • Bank “Retail-like” Strategies Enhance Customer Experience

    March 3, 2011

    Once thought to be a declining delivery channel, the bank branch remains an integral part of the customer experience.  With troublesome financial institution performance in the limelight during the past years, customers use face to face branch visits as a means to develop trust with financial institution employees.

  • 25 Business Types for Mystery Shopping, Customer Experience Research and Compliance Audits

    March 3, 2011

    Confero’s 25 years in the customer experience research field has allowed us to interact with various industries over the years.  With our experience in so many diverse industries, we apply knowledge to new projects in unique ways.  Here’s a list of 25 types of businesses that Confero has worked with over the decades, by providing them with services including onsite, telephone-recorded and email mystery shops, competitive pricing studies, retail audits, brand representation at retail, and customer satisfaction surveys:

  • Dress Codes and the UBS Debacle

    February 2, 2011

    Restaurants, grocery stores and banks all have something in common – an employee dress code.  Some companies, such as UBS in Sweden, have traditionally taken dress codes to higher levels.  A 44-page guide for employees contains specific directives about employee nail care, glasses and even underwear.  Recently, though, UBS announced that it will change its strict policies to more practical dress guidelines.  While most companies don’t manage company appearance down to such small details, many have some type of code in place, whether it includes wearing name tags or collared shirts, or directing employees not to wear jeans, nose rings or multiple earrings. 

  • 25 Resolutions for Customer-focused Organizations

    January 13, 2011
    1. Speak customer, not industry jargon. Make things easy: don’t make your customer have to understand your business. Industry jargon and double talk don’t get or keep customers. While some disclaimers may be legal requirements, ensure your staff does not go too far. There’s a nice, achievable balance between industry jargon and talking down to a customer.