How Do You Say, “I’m Sorry” to Customers?

How Do You Say, “I’m Sorry” to Customers?

Good service can break down more easily during the busy holiday season, making it even more important to know how to say “I'm sorry” to customers. Inc. Magazine’s article,  “How do you say I’m sorry?” highlights the importance of handling customer issues smoothly in the worst possible scenario.  Diners at the upscale restaurant, Jean Georges in New York, encountered a roach on their table. The restaurant manager quickly relocated them to another table and their meal was on the house.   What does your company do when faced with tough customer situations?  Do you train staff on how to appease customers when they are dissatisfied?

Companies that use mystery shopping can include challenging situations as part of their mystery shopping scenarios. For example, restaurant mystery shoppers may send food back to say that it is not hot enough, and then observe the employee’s demeanor and listen for an apology or offer of a replacement food item.  For a bank, the shopper may enter the bank and ask for explanation of a certain fee, or pose as a prospect that questions the bank’s “high” fees.  These scenarios, in combination with overall typical scenarios, help paint the overall picture of employee behaviors at your company.

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