Quality Assurance

We know how heavily our clients rely on the data we provide, so we have developed one of the most comprehensive report vetting and review processes in the industry.

Key features of our quality assurance process include:

Effective program design

Our experience, applied to your requirements, means that your program is set up correctly from the beginning. Many times how the question is worded is crucial to obtaining the desired information. We also take several measures behind the scenes of your program to assure response accuracy.

Mystery shop reports are validated by required receipts

Following the mystery shoppers’ on-site or telephone shops, mystery shoppers respond to the survey online. Shoppers submit validation by uploading a scan of their receipt/business card directly to the shop form. Those who cannot upload may fax their validation to Confero. Our Quality Assurance team ensures that the mystery shopper visited the assigned location, as reported on the shop survey form. This practice goes a long way toward preventing misreporting of mystery shops, especially important for large organizations which may have units quite near one another or along the same thoroughfare. Unlike most other mystery shopping firms, validation has been a requirement of Confero mystery shoppers since day one.

Mystery shop reports are individually reviewed

Validated mystery shop reports are reviewed by Confero before being released to clients. A member of our Quality Assurance (QA) team reviews the report, word for word, to ensure that comments are consistent with the answered questions, all answers are complete and fully explained and that shop guidelines were followed.

Mystery shopper comments are real, not scripted

Mystery shoppers are asked to explain their answers using comments. We ask shoppers to write their own. We do not use methods that allow for scripted or “canned” comments. We believe this enhances the quality of the mystery shop results.

Experienced, consistent quality assurance staff

A specific Quality Assurance team is assigned to review each client’s individual mystery shop reports prior to releasing them to clients. This means that each client’s Confero QA team reviews all reports for the program. This allows for consistency in approach to reporting. This experience also allows for important anecdotal information to be captured and brought to our client’s attention for further investigation.

Mystery shopper performance is rated and coached

Mystery shopper performance is rated using a 1-10 scale. We make use of the full 10-point scale so that mystery shoppers can progress up the scale as proficiency grows. Shoppers are provided with explanations of their ratings achieved for each individual mystery shop visit and provided with keys to continuously improve performance.

Only after a mystery shop has been validated and has passed quality review is it released to the client’s Confero reporting website.

Our mystery shop program with Confero has helped us measure our customer service and make improvements towards our goals. In less than one year with Confero, we are seeing improvements in our stores.

--Regional Retailer