Mystery Shopper Coverage

Confero offers mystery shopping on-site and telephone services in all 50* United States, Canada, Mexico, China and Europe. All major and middle markets can be accommodated. On-site visits are also available in Puerto Rico, Guam and Japan.

Confero maintains contact with 130,000+ mystery shoppers.

Mystery Shopper Recruitment

Confero is known for being able to recruit mystery shoppers and maintain mystery shopper relationships to meet some unique requirements. Examples include:

Banking and Finance:

  • Customers of a specific bank, so mystery shoppers may assess the service provided by tellers
  • Customers of a specific investment firm, so mystery shoppers may inquire about stock trades or fund purchases


  • Mystery shoppers possessing specific brands of vehicle for use in auto dealership service department shops
  • Mystery shoppers who own a vehicle needing an oil change for visits to a fast-oil-change service


  • Travelers to visit post-security airport retail locations
  • Mystery shoppers with specific household incomes to match the target customer profile of our client
  • Mystery shoppers with access to military bases

Food and Beverage:

  • Travelers to visit post-security airport food and beverage locations
  • Mystery shoppers with access to college campus food services

Specialized Shopping Venues

Mystery shoppers with specialized access are also available, including those with access to:

  • Military bases
  • Post-security areas of airports
  • Institutions/corporate sites
  • Theme parks
  • Truck stops

Demographic and Other Profiles

A variety of mystery shopper demographic profiles are available, including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Household Income
  • Children
  • Education
  • Home ownership
  • Pets

*Mystery shops conducted in the State of Nevada are conducted under the auspices of a licensed Private Investigator as required by Nevada law.

Confero has helped our company develop an internal quality control audit program that focuses on key issues which are important to our customers. In three years, the program has grown in such fashion that our management teams have collectively raised their average audit scores dramatically. It has become an integral element of the management department’s focus on property performance, and allows our managers to produce achievable results that reflect positively on the manner in which they operate their centers.

--Shopping Center Management Company