Increasing Success at Amusement Parks

Confero partnered with a US amusement park in the development an exciting mystery shopping program to motivate employees. The park needed a way to engage and motivate the employees when greeting, offering an upsell and thanking the guests. Our client services manager offered consultation on survey development, prize amounts and types, and communication of the program.

The Confero team balanced scheduling challenges due to unpredictable weather, and kiosks that changed locations within the park. The team also needed a way to communicate with shoppers who were inside the park on the weekends and after hours. Confero overcame these challenges by using its system tools to make notes on locations and flag those which may change positions. Shoppers were provided the cell phone number of a Confero team member who was available after hours if shoppers needed guidance while in the park.

Confero mystery shoppers awarded prizes on the spot for associates who gave the correct greeting, said thank you, and offered an upsell. This program started in 2007 with a few hundred shops and was only 26% successful at first. For the next 10 years, the theme park added 50 – 100 shops per year.  The parks trained their crew consistently over the years and focused on the three criteria.  When they wrapped up with those three questions during the 2016 program, the parks were up to 76% overall success, a huge improvement.

During these years, the Confero client services manager provided flexible options for program changes and in 2017, they changed the focus to upsells only.  That year, with shops totaling over 1,700, they saw a success rate of 80%.  In 2019, same number of shops, they hit 86.4% overall success with their program.

Our Clients

Our Clients