Customer Experience Services

Our mission is simple: Help our client companies provide outstanding service to their own customers. Our services reflect that mission by helping clients fully understand their customers’ experience better.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping allows anonymous customers to enter a business, evaluate the products and services offered, naturally interact with employees and report findings to Confero by completing a detailed customer service survey. Posing as average customers, mystery shoppers can receive unbiased treatment and thus can give accurate, objective feedback. Services are available for the following objectives:

  • Customer experience measurement
  • Brand support and placement
  • Promotional support
  • Compliance
  • Competitive Intelligence

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Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone Mystery Shopping evaluates customer service centers or individual locations. Eliminate hours of listening to your call center. Identify missed sales opportunities. Recorded shops are available.

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Customer Service Surveys IVR & Web

Customer Service Surveys/IVR surveys measure after-the-fact perception, recollections and expectations of customer service. Understanding how your customers perceive your customer service is key to maintaining a competitive advantage. These studies can be conducted via telephone, US mail, or the Internet.

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Customer Exit Interviews

Customer Exit Interviews measure customer perceptions, brand recall or promotion awareness. Professionally trained interviewers conduct these studies to ensure quality responses. Data is available in a variety of formats.

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Performance Consulting

Performance Consulting services are available on an hourly, daily or weekly arrangement. Services are offered on all matters of customer service, customer satisfaction or research analysis. Confero can help you integrate and analyze information from data warehouses and/or from complementary research sources to gain a true indication of customer satisfaction.

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Confero offers incentive programs to keep your employees motivated. We will handle any piece of the process or the entire process, depending on your needs.

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