Confero Informs of Scam: Emails from are not Legit!

Confero Informs of Scam: Emails from are not Legit!

Confero received information recently on a fraudster who is using the Confero name to try to scam consumers. The person claims to be an employee of Confero, and asks the potential shopper to provide information including the following:

  • Do you have any of these departmental stores around you? Target, Marshall’s, Kmart, Best Buy, Shop & Shop?
  • Do you have an Apple store near you?
  • Do you have a credit card account?
  • Kindly click here to fill out the card registration form to get started.

The scammer also asks the consumer to text them at 650-299-9192. The email says that they will email the first assignment once the consumer provides the information, and that the person needs to be articulate and able to recognize excellent service.

The person falsely claims to be associated with Confero and attempts to recruit secret shoppers through emails.  The email address the scammer provided is from  This is not our domain. Confero’s is

Please be aware:

  1. Emails from Confero employees will come from
  2. Please do not click on the link to provide your credit card information or provide any personal information to this person. Please do not text them.
  1.   Confero NEVER asks for a credit card payment from the shopper prior to assigning them to a shop. Registering as a contractor with Confero is at no cost and there is no obligation to take on any assignment. Payments are issued after successful completion of the mystery shop.

We thank the consumers who brought this to our attention, so that we were able to warn others of this scam.

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