Fraudulent Confero “Recruiter” Chris Jordan added to list of fakes in scam

Fraudulent Confero “Recruiter” Chris Jordan added to list of fakes in scam

We have recently received requests asking that we validate the employment of Robert Preston, Micheal Thomforde, James Clayton, Paula Moore, Carlos Burnett and now Chris Jordan.

None of these persons work for Confero. This is a scam.

They are offering the chance to perform Western Union shops where shoppers receive money orders in excess of $800. The shopper is then asked to try to send the check to someone, while retaining $200 for their time involved in conducting the shop and answering a survey. The money orders prove to be forged and the shopper is personally responsible for covering the amount of the checks. Previously, they had sent emails from Gmail or hotmail accounts. More recently, they have begun to send emails that appear to be from Confero using or in the From line of the email. When shoppers attempt to reply, a Gmail address appears.

Please do not give any personal information to anyone via email. You may register through a secure server on our website if you wish to become a shopper with Confero. Please forward any correspondence you receive from anyone claiming to be a recruiter with Confero to us at Thank you for assisting us as we try to identify and stop these people. This scam is being run using the good names of multiple mystery shopping companies. Almost all of the emails share a similar format.

Confero is a Charter member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), which urges consumers who receive these offers to file a report by contacting the following:

  • Local Police

To see a list of legitimate mystery shopping companies, including Confero, please visit the MSPA’s website

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