Health and Safety Services Monitor New Protocols, Reward Essential Workers

Health and Safety Services Monitor New Protocols, Reward Essential Workers

We are working hard to help our clients adapt to the many changes the COVID 19 pandemic have brought to doing business.

Customers’ concerns about health and safety have changed their expectations – at least in the short term and perhaps, forever.

Our clients have found it challenging to launch new protocols with more limited administrative and front-line teams, new protocols emerging, and changing guidance from multiple sources and jurisdictions. We share our clients’ concerns about health, safety, cleanliness, employee engagement, liability, and risk mitigation.

Here’s how we can help:

1. Check your processes to ensure employees and associates across your company’s footprint are following your health, safety, and cleanliness guidance.

2. Get quick feedback on how processes are working with new or expanded customer touchpoints and service methods:

·       Curbside pickup – contactless processes, in-app orders, telephone orders, third party orders

·       Telephone order inquiries

·       Contactless delivery – yours and third party

·       Virtual sales meetings

·       Compliance and regulation

3. Rewards for your essential workers. From a simple gift card to a personalized thank you experience, keep employees engaged in these constantly changing, troubling times.

How? A combination of tech and people tools: mystery shopping, crowdsourced shopper app, mobile surveys, photos, and videos.

Our team is ready to support you at this time of reinvention and reimagination.

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