Confero Warns of a New E-Mail Scam

Confero Warns of a New E-Mail Scam

Confero, Inc. has been alerted of a new scam targeting unsuspecting consumers.  The scam artists have used Confero, Inc.’s reputable name in an attempt to trick consumers into giving their personal information in exchange for high paying “mystery shops.”  This is a scam.

Below you will see a complete copy of an email received by a consumer from a scammer.  These scammers do a very good job of making these advertisements seem real.  They have even used the identity of Confero’s President and CEO, Elaine Buxton.  Elaine did not send this email and her email address is not

Please take a few minutes to read over this scam email so you will be aware if you receive one of these emails.  Also, visit our Consumer Alerts section for more information on these and other types of scams that often target the mystery shopping industry.

Please be aware there are lots of reputable mystery shopping companies with lots of legitimate mystery shopping opportunities for consumers interested in becoming a mystery shopper.  For information on how to get started as a mystery shopper or to find legitimate mystery shopping opportunities, visit The Mystery Shopping Providers Association’s (MSPA) website or the Become a Mystery Shopper page on Confero’s website. 

Email Scam:

Confero is a leading provider of customer experience research services to leading national brands, multi-unit and independent growth companies. Customized solutions measure, monitor and report on front line performance and customer satisfaction so clients get the business intelligence needed to grow sales, build brand loyalty and increase bottom line results. Services include onsite mystery shopping, competitive studies, recorded telephone mystery shops, voice of the customer (IVR) surveys, web surveys, compliance audits and on the spot rewards.

A MysteryShopper should remain anonymous. You should act as a regular customer and be careful not to do anything that would reveal you as a shopper. An inexperienced shopper could tip off the staff to his/her identity by asking for the manager's name for no clear or appropriate reason. If you are going to be bringing someone with you on the shop, make sure you educate them about the process as well. Beware that even whispers can be
overheard by employees. If anyone notices you are a shopper, you can bet that word will quickly spread around the establishment and you will get
some of the best customer service in town.

Once we have a contract to do so, you would be directed to the company or outlet, and you would be given the funds you need to do the job(either purchase merchandise or require services), after which you would write a detailed report of your experience.
Examples of details you would forward to us are:

1) How long does it take to get served.
2) Politeness of the attendant.
3) Customer service professionalism.
4) Sometimes you might be required to upset the attendant, to see how they deal with difficult clients.

Then we turn the information over to the company executives and they will carry out their own duties in improving their services. Most companies
employ our assistance when people complain about their services, or when they feel there is a need for them to improve upon their customer service.
Our company implements proven MysteryShop auditing and surveying strategies that provide critical information about customer experiences. You will be paid a commission of $120 for every duty you carry out, and bonus on your transportation allowance. Your task will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide variety of restaurants, retail stores, casinos, shopping malls, banks and hotels in your area.
A candidate for the MysteryShopper Position must meet the following requirements:

* Is 21 years of age or older
* Loves to go shopping
* Is fair and objective
* Is very observant and able to focus on details
* Is fairly intelligent
* Has patience
* Is detail oriented
* Is practical
* Types well
* Is trustworthy
* Explains well in writing
* Is discreet
* Loves to learn
* Handles deadlines
* Has full internet access (at home or at work)

MysteryShopping is fun and exciting but also must be approached very seriously and is definitely not for everyone, therefore meeting the above requirements is absolutely necessary.
Only if You FEEL That MysteryShopping Is For You, you can apply for
consideration sending in the following information:

Full Name:
Phone Number:

As soon as we receive your information we will add you to our database and we will check our system for locations in your area that needs to be
evaluated so you can start your trial-run which consists in three surveys that are to be made over a period of time of one week and for which You will also Get Paid $120 commission per location.
Mrs Elaine Buxton
535 Keisler Drive
Suite 204; Cary
NC 27518.

Do you think you have been targeted?  Check out our blog post, “How to Spot a Scam” to find out what you should do if you are the victim of a scam.

Also, check out this interview Confero’s President and CEO did with WRAL-TV’s Monica Laliberte about mystery shopping scams and legitimate mystery shopping opportunities.

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