Employee Recognition & On the Spot Rewards

Confero offers incentive programs to keep your employees motivated. We will handle any piece of the process or the entire process, depending on your needs. From program design to the logistics of award distribution, we are here to help you design a recognition and incentive program to:

  • Pay for performance.
  • Reward positive behaviors.
  • Encourage a sales culture.

All are goals of an effective employee recognition program and all are achievable through mystery shopping results.

Confero offers turnkey incentive programs from the simple to the complex.

Confero is an impartial, independent firm and since shoppers remain anonymous and provide candid feedback, there is less likelihood for perceived favoritism in bonus programs.

On-The-Spot Rewards.

Employees or entire staffs are rewarded when specific behaviors are spotted by the Confero shopper.

Payroll Incentive Programs.

Employees are rewarded via traditional payroll system. Confero provides information necessary for payroll processing and support.

Third Party Incentive Audits.

Recognitions or rewards may be sent to thank third parties for participation in its research programs, such as third party audits, exit interviews, etc.

Awards Certificates.

Custom-designed awards certificates may be sent via print/mail or electronically. Certificate programs may be customized to the client or the unit level.

Confero maintains a logistics operation which allows for fulfillment of rewards in an efficient manner. In addition, electronic relationships with third party incentive providers allows for almost real-time prize distribution to the unit level. We take care of every detail of your incentive program.

Kitting and Fulfillment Services:

  • Prize inventory tracking and maintenance: We efficiently manage prize inventory for any size programs.
  • Kitting: We package your prizes in the most cost effective and safe manner.
  • Fulfillment: We ship the packages to shoppers to present “on the spot”, or send them to your high performing employees after the fact, based on your preference.
  • Logistics: We arrange for the most cost effective and quickest way to get rewards to your employees, including online distribution of e-prizes such as downloadable songs or movie tickets.